What is Protocrastinator?

A Protocrastinator is a person who puts off finescale Railroad (and railway modelling) for no good reason.
Originally for me it was 1:87 (HO) scale. Problems with acquiring the bits and pieces led to extreme dissatisfaction and the project stalled. Now I've acquired an O scale boxcar and I intend investigating Proto 48 as a finescale project.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A bit daunted

I had sometime over the weekend to review the Proto87 turnout kits that arrived.
Daunted was an understatement.
I was positively "bricking it" as we Brits are prone to uttering when things look dire.
Some lengths of rail, some track bases and other detailing bits and frogs that were in three pieces! Worst of all. No instructions!
"What have I let myself in for?" I asked myself. I kind of expected a bit more organisation in the way the kit was presented to the buyer. In that regard these kits do not compare very favourably with P4 track company kits or even C&L kits. Instructions abound with those and they are excellently packaged.
However I am saved by the instructions on the Proto87 stores website.
These are excellent. Step by step, clear, well explained photographs that remove pretty much all fear of messing the job up. Having read those several times I'm not so scared now. But I am thinking that perhaps I should have put a new soldering iron on my Christmas list.

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